Branded Ticketing Software

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We know it’s a challenge to find branded ticketing software that feels like an extension of your brand rather than just a tool. You can make Revelation your own by importing your brand colors, logos, and even terminology into the system for use externally by End User or internally by your employees at company-wide or internal team levels.

Internal By Team

Internal By Team

Revelation helpdesk can be branded internally overall to match your business’s colors and logos but can also be branded individually by department or team. Each team/department could carry their own unique banners, reporting headers, and color scheme.

External By End User

External By End User

Revelation helpdesk can also be branded externally for end users, such as the Self Service Interface. If the Self Service Interface is enabled, then administrators can customize what end users will see depending on client type or name. This means that certain clients or client types will see customized navigation, chat branding, or even logos depending on the criteria set by administrators.

Product Features Logos

Different style logos can be set at different levels, such as internal vs external, and by section of Revelation. Logos can be customized for the login page, the main navigation banner, on reports, and in chat.

Product Features Global Navigation Colors

Background and color schemes can be customized to reflect your company culture and branding. These customizations can be achieved for the login page and the internal backgrounds, and if enabled, the Self Service Interface.

Product Features Team Customization
Product Features System Phrasing

Revelation helpdesk can even be branded by customizing system phrasing to match your company culture.