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Revelation helpdesk will work with whatever structure you've got

Revelation Structure for Central Hub

Central Hub

Issues are directed to one person/group who assigns tickets where they belong. Powerful automated features assist by pre-selecting assignment/issue types/priorities/service levels/etc. based on your business rules.

Revelation Structure for First Come, First Serve

First Come, First Serve

Issues are dealt with in the order they arrive. Revelation assists by auto assigning tickets to the appropriate staff person so all you have to do is describe the issue and click 'LOG' before moving on to the next ticket.

Revelation Structure for Group Partitioned

Group Partitioned

Create seperate teams of helpdesk staff - each one assigned to a particular group of end users (or type of issue). You can even structure each team differently as needed.

Revelation Structure for Multi-Tiered


Issues start at tier 1 and are escalated if necessary. Your staff can move tickets from tier to tier manually with ease or you can build in powerful escalation rules that will do the job for you.