Don’t be the weak link in the helpdesk chain

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ many times. As cliché as it sounds – it is true – when the pressure gets too high the weakest link snaps and the chain stops functioning. There is a chain that connects your end users to your company and your helpdesk is a link on that chain...More

All Hail Our New Robot Overlords

Seriously though – there is a place in this business for all manner of solutions providers be they human or virtual. As anyone who has used Siri or Cortana on a smartphone – they can be very adept at understanding and responding to what they have been programmed to understand... More

Announcing Revelation Helpdesk Winter 2015 Cloud Update

We are pleased to announce the Winter 2015 update to Revelation helpdesk cloud edition. This update will be applied to your copy on Saturday February 14th between 2am - 6am EST. There is nothing for you to do, the new features will be ready for use when you log in on Monday morning...More

New full screen dashboard shows you the current state of your service desk right on your homepage.

So we are really excited about these two powerful updates to the winter release. Firstly, we added a full screen mode to the homepage by making the left column collapsible, but readily available in hover mode or locked in place with one click. Then we added a fully customizable dashboard to the homepage. The dashboard can display a collection of powerful charts - and - just like the current homepage you can create multiple personal & system views. By surfacing this critical information straight to your homepage you can keep on top of your service desk without having to dive deeper into the product... More