How to Support Internal and External Customers with your IT Helpdesk, PART 1

Vanessa James recently posted an article on TechRepublic that is part of a growing theme being tossed around in help desk IT support circles – that as technology becomes more integrated into all aspects of how a company operates – so does the IT department become more involved with all aspects of a company’s operations. Invariably this places them in a position where they are not only supporting their ‘internal’ users but external ones as well. As she so succinctly puts it – learning to do this is not an overnight task... More

With Helpdesk Software, It’s Always Been “Garbage In / Garbage Out”

In 1864, Charles Babbage said he was often asked of his original computing device, “…if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?”

Ever since the invention of programmable computing devices it has been clear that no matter how sophisticated and powerful the device, they are only as good as the data they are given... More

Add IT Project Management to your helpdesk without reinventing the wheel

The modern IT Department is much more than just the “break/fix go-to group” these days. As budgets get tighter, many companies need to do more with less and the IT department is where they are focused. Projects that may have been outsourced to third party vendors are becoming the responsibility of internal personnel. As much as this is good for the bottom line it puts more pressure on the already overtaxed IT staff. Not only do they need to gain a new set of skills – they need to track their activity differently, and this is posing a new set of problems... More

A new way of looking at your help desk tickets

If you support a variety of external clients or if your organizations has offices across the city, state, country, or world – Revelation Helpdesk can help you see things in perspective. The new Map View in Revelation 2012 (cloud & server editions) will display your tickets on an interactive geographic map... More

How to successfully manage the consumerization of IT

From the article by Andy McLoughlin – "The way in which so many of us work has changed dramatically over the last decade. There is no longer a requirement for today’s web workforce to be stuck in one location or connected to one enterprise server. Web workers are mobile and flexible — reflective of the way businesses operate in 2012." Revelation Helpdesk has always been a web based help desk software application - in fact – we were one of the first completely web-based (not just an interface on an enterprise app) helpdesk solutions. While everyone plays catch up to cater to the new mobile IT workforce, we are ready now... More