In 1864, Charles Babbage said he was often asked of his original computing device, “…if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?”

Ever since the invention of programmable computing devices it has been clear that no matter how sophisticated and powerful the device, they are only as good as the data they are given. If your helpdesk staff can’t quickly and easily enter incidents into your chosen help desk software system then you are starting out with one hand tied behind your back – and it will only get worse.

Currently, 20% to 30% of help desk staff that uses a help desk software tool to capture support information claim that logging incidents into the system is difficult and time consuming. A side effect of this systemic problem in the helpdesk software market is that there are many unreported organizations that operate in a purely manual (or mostly manual) environment. While this alleviates the headaches that instituting an imperfect helpdesk solution bring, what they are losing is a larger awareness of their activity as a whole and the ability to effectively track incidents across users and over time. Add to this, increased call volumes and the pressure to continually improve, and you are ramping up the critical stress factors that face modern helpdesk and service desk managers (and their staff).

The goal is to find a helpdesk software solution that is powerful but not overwhelming, adaptable but not confusing, and most importantly – allows for quick and easy data capture at the onset of an issue and along it’s lifespan.

Revelation Helpdesk is just that solution.

If you were to sum up the benefits of Revelation Helpdesk into one over-arching features, you’d end up with “Ease of Use.” If your help desk software is not easy to use then your staff either won’t use it or won’t use it consistently. Since logging the ticket is the beginning of its lifespan, it is paramount that your staff can accomplish this with the minimal amount of fuss and get on with the process of resolving it otherwise the effectiveness of your support group will continue to drop. Revelation Helpdesk was designed by support personnel for support personnel and knows how to deal with this effectively.

Revelation Helpdesk was built around a structure of efficiency and ease of use. Revelation utilizes a “transparent” feature set so that if you don’t need to use one of the features you can hide it from view. In addition, these tools use intelligent awareness so even if they are active they will only appear to the people who need them.

But the most important aspect of Revelation’s ‘ease of use’ ideal is that it features one of the fastest ‘log an incident’ tools available today.

Out of the box a new ticket can be logged with only five steps:

1. Choose the end user
2. Choose support category/project (only if there are more than one)
3. Assign the ticket to a staff person or queue
4. Enter the issue description
5. Click ‘Save’

With a little customization even these steps can be shortened.

1. Support Category / Project

a. If you have only one support category or project active under a customer/department then it will auto populate so you don’t have to set it manually and can skip this step.
b. If you have more than one support category or project you can set one as the primary so it will auto populate and you can skip this step.

2. Assignment:

a. Revelation will auto-assign a new ticket to the individual who is logging it, so in many cases this step can be skipped.
b. A support category/project can be linked to specific staff members / queues so in these cases, this step will be taken care of automatically and can be skipped.

3. Issue Description:

a. In cases of commonly recurring issues you can create pre-defined tickets and then populate the ticket description, and other fields, automatically.

These modifications will make the process of logging some calls even faster and easier. To learn more, you can watch a video here that shows you how quickly this can be accomplished – or sign up for a live online walkthrough of Revelation Helpdesk.