So we are really excited about these two powerful updates to the winter release. Firstly, we added a full screen mode to the homepage by making the left column collapsible, but readily available in hover mode or locked in place with one click. Then we added a fully customizable dashboard to the homepage. The dashboard can display a collection of powerful charts - and - just like the current homepage you can create multiple personal & system views. By surfacing this critical information straight to your homepage you can keep on top of your service desk without having to dive deeper into the product.

The charts are not passive and you can drill down to detail by just clicking on them. For instance, if you are looking at a pie chart breakdown of the ticket types for your current open tickets - you can click on a segment (say hardware?) and have the chart redraw to show the breakdown for the sub types under it (like server, desktop, peripheral, etc.).

Most of the charts will focus on the current set of open tickets and you can quickly filter them to just your tickets or any team(s) you like. One of the charts that has the ability to look into the past as well as today is the trend chart.

Not only will you be able to watch the hourly trends for new tickets being logged into the help desk today - you can also take a look at the past week and month to easily view increases and decreases in issue type - right on your homepage - without having to run a single report.

One more thing... Because we don't want you to be left out of the loop when you are away from your desk - we have added the dashboard charts to the mobile interface as well so you can be kept up to date even when you are on the road.

Taking advantage of the touch interface, you can simply swipe left and right to move through the different charts you have on your dashboard.

So we hope you like this new feature coming out in Revelation 2015 for cloud and server this winter.

Check back soon - we have more to say about the new release, and thanks for using Revelation helpdesk to manage your support.