In Revelation there are regular projects and gameplan projects. A regular project is essentially a category of work (like breakfix, etc.). Your staff will be assigned tickets and they will add action notes to describe what they did and how long it took them. Regular tickets under these sort of projects can have due dates and Revealtion will track and alert you if a due date is approaching.

gameplan Projects are a little different. In a GP Project you can describe phases or workstreams (call it what you want). In the GP Project below there are five phases – each with start and end dates.

gameplan workstreams

The project manager will assign tasks (tickets) to your staff within each workstream of phase. In the example below a ticket is being assigned under the Project Management workstream. These tasks can be assigned to one or multiple individuals and within one task the workload can be shared equally or weighted where one person is responsible for 20% of the estimated 10 hours it will take the rest fall to the other person.

logging gameplan tickets

As your staff work on tickets they are doing the same thing regardless of whether it is a GP ticket or a regular ticket – adding notes & time. However, with a GP ticket (below) they will see direct feedback on how much time they have already put in and how much there is left to go.

gameplan ticket display

From a management perspective you will have a GP Project dashboard where you can see overall how complete or not each project is.

gameplan dashboard

And you can expand the summary to show you how complete each phase is

gameplan summary chart

Or how much assigned work has been completed by each person.

gameplan summart chart

There are other report views as well, like Gantt charts on the project overall that lets you drill down to individual assigned tasks.

gameplan gantt chart