The 2016 release of Revelation helpdesk is all about making your day to day tasks easier to accomplish. In addition to a number of new features, we've enhanced existing ones and wrapped it all up in a great new look and feel.

New Look and Feel

We have added of lot of functionality in the past few releases. The 2016 release brings it all together, enabling you to surface ticket data as text, charts, maps, and more. Work tickets, receive alerts, initiate reports, run searches and respond to chats all from one place.

homepage view of 2016 Revelation helpdesk

New Navigation Bar

new navigation bar

The new Navigation Bar is context sensitive so you can get from where you are to where you need to be in one step by right clicking. Drop down menus allow you to easily load the dashboard you need, run the search you want, even log a ticket template from anywhere in the application without having to navigate away

New Summary Bar

The new Summary Bar combines the previous Open Ticket, Filtering and Multi-Edit functions into a single consistent control and extends their capabilities so you can see tickets that will become at risk or late if left unattended.

new summary bar

The Ticket Grid has been updated to be more user friendly. You can still see detailed date and time information, but it is now presented using more natural language such as 'Today' 'Yesterday' 'Tomorrow'.

Splash Screens

splash screen

Splash Screens for both reports and the Self Service Interface (SSI) help to guide users to features they may wish to access.

Enhanced personalization and branding options

  • In addition to uploading your own logo and customer logos for the SSI, you can now configure the main navigation and splash screen color.
  • You can also customize your own backgrounds (pattern or color) on login, internal & SSI.
  • Additionally, you can choose to allow users to configure custom internal backgrounds (pattern or color).

Logging a Ticket

Log a ticket from anywhere without interrupting what you're working on. Multiple or duplicate tickets are easy to create and, when you're done, you can continue on from where you were.
Upload attachments simply by dragging and dropping the files directly into the browser, product wide.

logging a ticket

Share Tickets with @Tagging

share tickets with @tagging

With Revelation 2016, working together has never been easier in a help desk application. Quickly share tickets with your co-workers and associates and get their direct feedback simply by typing the @ symbol and their name.

Revelations Bar

Easily get to anywhere you need to be - even Search results or Admin configuration pages - from wherever you are with your personal 'Revelations' bookmark list.

You can open and close your Revelations bar whenever you like, or choose to lock it open so it's always available to you.

logging a ticket



Allow your end users to contact support staff directly from the SSI with Live Chat. The Chat transcript easily converts into a new ticket or can be added to an existing one. Customizable sounds and visual alerts.

Self Service Dashboards

You can now build dashboards for your customers when they log in to the SSI. Support staff can see them from the ticket details screen so your internal staff and end users can see the same information.

self-service dashboard

Project Tracking With

logging a ticket

Gameplan enables real time project tracking within Revelation. By enabling Gameplan features within a standard project, you now define separate phases, or Workstreams, each with their own start and end dates. Within each phase, you can assign tasks to your staff and estimate how much time it should take. Then, as tasks are completed, you can visually track performance, specifically:

  • Overall project completion, individual phase completion and even person by person workload completion
  • Compare initial time estimates with work assigned and actual time logged
  • View Gantt-style charts for each project and/or team indicating overall scope and current progress
  • Compare actual cost to value (if you sell your projects or time)
  • View staff availability on week by week basis so you can assign new work appropriately

Revelation 2016 also adds dozens of minor enhancements including:

  • New Dashboard Charts
  • Search Filter Updates
  • Communication/Alerting Updates
  • Ability to move action notes between tickets
  • Ability to merge tickets
  • Granular security controls within tickets

We hope you'll agree the 2016 release represents a huge leap forward in our ongoing mission to empower your team and make your data work for you.

When will it be available?

In the Cloud - April 2016
(Exisiting customers will be notified at least five business days prior to your automatic upgrade)

Server Edition - Expected Late May / Early June 2016

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New Look and Feel

Gameplan Project Tracking Features

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