If you support a variety of external clients or if your organizations has offices across the city, state, country, or world – Revelation Helpdesk can help you see things in perspective. The new Map View in Revelation 2012 (cloud & server editions) will display your tickets on an interactive geographic map.

On your homepage you’ll notice a new Map tab.

When you select this view, Revelation will display your homepage tickets on a geographic map.

The map will auto zoom to show all of the tickets that were visible on your homepage when you switched views. Each ticket will be represented by a colored map pin. The color of the map pin will represent the state of the ticket as follows:

Note: If you have multiple tickets at a location the pin color will represent the most urgent.

As you zoom in on different areas of the map you will be able to see more detail. For instance, some pins will have a red circle around them. This circle identifies that there is more than one ticket logged against that location and the size of the circle represents the number of tickets.

When you mouse over a pin the tool tip will show you how many.

When you click on a pin the pop-up map bubble will show you detail on the location as well as each ticket. Clicking on the ticket link in the bubble will bring you straight to the ticket detail screen.

We hope you like this new feature – please check back soon (or subscribe to the RSS ) so you can be kept up to date on the latest updates coming out of YellowFish Software.