WebHelpDesk acquired, Mac and Linux versions disappear

The new owner of Web Help Desk is planning to do things a little differently: the Mac and Linux version download links have been removed from the website. A salesperson at the company … says that "moving forward [Web Help Desk] is strictly Windows-based." Information source: www.tuaw.com

It looks like the new Web Help Desk is pulling it’s Mac and Linux versions. As one of the first 100% web based helpdesk applications – Revelation Helpdesk will never have this problem. Whether you run OSX, Windows or a mixture of systems – Revelation Helpdesk Cloud Edition is compatible with them all. Because Revelation Helpdesk is browser based with no required software to download or install locally you can use it across your entire company regardless of what platform your users are on. Check out these videos to get a better understanding of how Revelation helpdesk operates and ask for a live online demo.