I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ many times. As cliché as it sounds – it is true – when the pressure gets too high the weakest link snaps and the chain stops functioning. There is a chain that connects your end users to your company and your helpdesk is a link on that chain.

When an end user reaches out to you information passes back and forth along that chain between you and them. If you’re lucky it won’t be that much information and you can solve their problem quickly but sometimes it take a chunk of time to resolve their issue.

If all you’re doing is helping someone re-connect to a printer or remind them of the network password, the issue is resolved in less than a minute – and now you’ve got to update the helpdesk software – which usually take longer than that – so maybe you let this one slide.

When you’re troubleshooting a non-standard third party piece of software you might be on the phone for hours before the issue is resolved and now there is a backlog of new calls you have to get to – updating the ticket on this one will take more time you don’t have.

So you don’t do it – or you skim through it, adding minimal information and moving on. We’ve all done it before and really – what’s the harm – the end user is happy so it’s all good – yes?

This is the weak link – information got to you and stopped there and the pressure of having to update the ticket has caused the chain to break – and here’s why. The helpdesk as an organization is the backbone of the company and to function well, it needs: – smart people – good equipment – proper training programs… and for all of those things it needs money and the will to apply it effectively. The people who make the decisions about when to hire new staff, invest in new equipment, justify raises and bonuses, and are not sitting next to you seeing what you see – so they need information in order to understand. They need to know about the quick 1-2 minute issues – how many – what time – what kind of issue. They need to know about the time consuming problems – they need to know it all. They need you to provide clear, complete and concise information in your tickets so they can help you.

So to help them, what you need is the quickest, easiest process for logging your issues so they get what they need and the pressure doesn’t break you.

Revelation Helpdesk boasts the easiest, fastest ticket logging and updating process in the industry. You can log a new ticket from anywhere and in only three steps – or update/edit an existing ticket with just one click - without stopping what you were already working on. This help desk software goes over and above to make your job easier – so you can keep your end users – and your bosses – happy.