The top eight reasons companies like yours choose Revelation helpdesk. Don’t rely on some mystical device to tell you what helpdesk software to buy – find out why other people choose Revelation over the others.

Revelation costs less than a cup of coffee a day

Revelation can lower your support costs by actually lowering your costs – and by saving you time, which also lowers your costs.

A Revelation license costs no more per day than a small cup of coffee ($1.21 per day on avg.).

Licenses can be shared so fewer licenses = lower costs.

No required support costs if you choose lifetime licenses = lower costs over time.

No hardware/software to purchase and maintain = lower costs than a locally installed application.

Team Support so adding additional teams (customer support, development, shipping, HR, etc.) does not require additional software – just licenses. Note: each team will only see what they need.

Team Support so adding additional teams (customer support, development, shipping, HR, etc.) does not require additional software – just licenses. Note: each team will only see what they need.

Our time machine will give you a peek into the future

Just because things are quiet now doesn’t mean it will stay that way – certainly not in this industry.

Rather than getting an alert that something just went late while you are out at lunch – Revelation’s dashboard will give you a peek into the future and the insight you need to plan accordingly.

Now you can see how many tickets will be at risk – or go late – over the course of the day.

Revelation can give you a peek into the future and show you how many tickets will be at risk and how many will be late over the rest of the day.

Better than a weather report – this time machine report is 100% accurate.

Fewer misunderstandings because of improved communication

Revelation will improve communication in-between your staff, between your staff and your end users, and in-between your helpdesk and everyone. Better communication means appropriate expectations, fewer misunderstandings, better overall awareness, and improved performance.

Improves your relationship with your end users and customers

Your end users will throw flowers, instead of spears. While that may be a little extreme – at its core it speaks the truth. Revelation will help you:

  • Solve problems faster
  • improve communication
  • reduce late call
  • focus more on customer needs

When you put it all together you get happier customers

Shorten the problem to resolution timeframe

Revelation helpdesk will help you to shorten the time from issue reported to issue resolved by closing the problem / resolution loop.

Suggest solutions:

Revelation can read your issue description and suggest solutions from the knowledgebase. If there aren’t any, you can easily convert your current ticket into a knowledgebase article for use next time.

Create templates:

Convert frequent, repetitive issues into templates and you can log them from a few simple drop downs – no typing.

Blazingly fast:

It shouldn’t take longer to log a ticket than it takes to resolve it – and it never will with Revelation. Your staff can log a new ticket in three simple steps. The quicker you can log an issue – the faster you can resolve it.

Your Terms / Your Processes / Your Views

Use Your Terms. If you log issues instead of tickets / work within categories instead of projects / support departments instead of customers. Simply edit the terms once and you are ready for business.

Follow Your Process. Do you bill your time or simply track it? Do you have workflows to be followed? Does your customer support team use different categories than your IT department? Revelation can handle all of this – even different procedures for different teams.

Your Data / Your Way. Define your own ticket views and jump between them with one click, configure personal dashboards, personal alerts, custom fields, and more. Revelation lets you see your data the way you need it.

Helps you focus on what needs doing

Revelation will become a virtual member of staff, that works 24/7, never gets sick, doesn’t take breaks, and is 100% ok to handle all of the mundane day to day tasks so you can focus on supporting your customers.

Revelation will:
  • scan incoming email and log or update tickets accordingly.
  • remind you to swap the backup tapes (among other things).
  • find a solution to your problem for you.
  • remind you who you are speaking with on the phone.
  • keep your secrets secret as long as you need them to be kept.
  • keep others in the loop.
  • remember who you charge for what, and how much that should be.
  • assign the correct staff to the correct ticket.
  • display only the tools you need regardless of what others see.
  • reminds you before things go late.

Revelation can be used on any device from any location

Revelation will free you to work where you need to be – not tied to your office. As a 100% browser based application you can access Revelation from any current browser on any device.

Revelation’s mobile interface appears when you access form a mobile device and has been adjusted to give you the best experience on handheld screens. Swipe up and down through your tickets and left to right to dive into ticket detail.